FAQ – English

Requesting a quote is moving us completely free and without obligation.

The price of a move depends on various factors. The number of movers, the size of the moving van and possibly (dis) assembly work are contributing factors in the final price. The moving advisor of Moving Company ‘De Aandacht’ is happy to visit you to discuss the wishes and possibilities. You will then receive the exact quotation in a free and free quote.

You can request a removal quote via our website. We strive to contact you within 24 hours. The moving advisor of moving company ‘de Aandacht’ takes stock of your needs and discusses the possibilities. Then you will receive a tailor-made offer from us in which all agreements made are clearly described.

We always advise you to contact us as soon as you know that you are moving. Then we can already plan your move and accompany you well with the preparations. Because a moving date is not always easy to estimate, we are flexible in our planning.

In order to be able to properly prepare for your move and to run smoothly on the day itself, you will receive a checklist from your move agent. For dogs and cats, a move is often a radical event. We therefore recommends that you temporarily let your dog or cat stay elsewhere. An alternative is to leave your dog in a Bench and put your cat in the bathroom. In this way they experience some rest and they suffer as little as possible from all the hustle and bustle during the move. Rodents can best be transported in your own car or last in the moving van. To prevent splashing and sloshing for the fish, we advise to empty a fish bowl or small aquarium as empty as possible and cover it with inflated bags.

This is very much possible. With ‘de Aandacht’ you can move at the weekend, we charge a small additional fee for moving on eg a Saturday because the wage costs are higher for us. Discuss with your removal consultant what the possibilities are for you.

It is not a problem to only have a part of your household effects moved by us. Our moving advisor comes to you to make an inventory of your wishes during a personal interview. You always decide yourself which part of the relocation you want to outsource to ‘de Aandacht’.

If you need moving material such as boxes or packing paper, let us know. The moving boxes, packing materials and labels can be requested up to 1 month in advance and will then be delivered to you within 3 working days. After the move you can clear all the boxes at your convenience. You have a maximum of 3 weeks for this and you must offer the moving boxes to us again. We make an appointment and pick up the boxes from you!

De Aandacht moving company posseses own trucks and moving elevators. We choose to execute the movings without external companies.

Yes, we are serving as well businesses as private clients.

In order to properly prepare for a international moving we advice you to request a quote as soon as possible in order to make the right preperations.

Yes, for example, we also carry out relocations for other moving companies, but also for removal consultants, moving agents and moving brokers. We move within the EU ourselves and we have a partner for removals outside the EU. We move around the whole world.