About Us

Our moving company De Aandacht has been taking care of relocations for private clients as well as businesses within the Netherlands and internationally. We do small and large relocations without any problem.

We exist since 1994 and we accept any challenge that might come our way. We trust in our years of experiance and expertise when it comes to relocations. With our own trucks, lifts and professional staff you get that smooth, flawless relocation you deserve.

Our workingarea is troughtout the whole Netherlands. Our headquarters is located in The Hague. From there we manage the whole job.

Materials & Staff

Moving company De Aandacht is executing about 1300 relocations each year. About 5 percent are international relocations.

We have our own private storage area with storage boxes. To keep your valuables and your furniture safe during transport we have specialy air-supsension trucks. We also have airconditioned trucks for special cargo which needs specific temperatures during transport.

Our biggest moving truck has 50 m3 capacity. We can always extend this capacity with a follower. Apart from this we also have our own moving lifts (furniture elevators).

Certified staff

As important as the quality of our materials is the quality of our staff. Being one of the most known moving companies in The Hague we work with educated staff only. Our staff is not only certified, but also well motivated and friendly. For us your job considered is finished only when you are completely satisifed.

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